About Roland

   Roland writes and speaks to help people deal with stress. His blog posts, audio lectures and meditation are all free. Roland says, "If any of my resources have helped you, all I ask is that you be kind to others."

   Because most people have Internet (or access at the public library), it makes it easy to make things free. A small gift is asked only for hard copy books or CD's to cover costs.

Why We are Here

by founder and director Roland Trujillo

   My purpose is to help people to stop becoming upset by stress. Most people are suffering from stress. The stress they feel contributes to family problems, marriage problems, work problems, health problems, and spiritual problems.

   When we are upset, we have lost control of ourselves. And our efforts to suppress our growing excessive reactions make us more tense and nervous.

   Therefore, the external stressor is not really our problem. Our problem is our excessive reactions. We literally hurt ourselves by getting too upset.

   I have discovered that most of us have become separated from our inner source of guidance. Instead of being self controlled, we are controlled by the outside because we are reactive to outside appeals and pressures. Because the outside controls us, we can’t stop reacting when challenged or appealed to. When reacting becomes too painful, we withdraw.

   There has to be another way: one that avoids the extremes of upset and withdrawal, and a way which permits us to remain calm and reasonable in the presence of external pressure.

   I have found a simple meditation that helps you discover your inner intuition. Once you find it, you become less reactive. Instead, inner intuition becomes your guide. You develop a natural control over your body, emotions, and actions. In short, you become more stabilized. Adhering to principle and seeing the wisdom of patience, you discover that you don’t have to react to external pressure. When your actions flow from principle and patience, you will have no more need to feel guilty.

    When you use this wonderful meditation, you find your calm center of dignity. You will see things more clearly.  The only requirement for the meditation to work is that you are sincere about wanting to know the truth about your own wrong. If you do not want to admit that your resentment or impatience is wrong, then the meditation will not work for you.  

   In other words, the kind of person who benefits from this meditation is the person who sincerely does not want to hurt others with anger and impatience. Such a person sincerely wants to be a better mom, dad, son, daughter, spouse or neighbor. Such a person’s motivation is to be a better human being. This is the sincere attitude that permits the meditation to work. It is based on love of others and love of Truth.

   Of course, we also want to meditate to feel better and find peace of mind. There is nothing wrong with these wishes. But they should not be the only reasons for beginning meditation. These motives are selfish and not a love of truth.  Both a love of truth and a love of others are needed.

Our silent intuition is really the Light that is spoken of in the Bible. The Light contains both wisdom and love. This Light is an infallible guide to help you in life’s subtle moments. Because God wants us to be free, we are permitted to reject this Light. When we become angry or ambitious, we reject the Light. But this is a big mistake.

   When you find and flow from your own inner good, you will discover a fountain there of insights that will help you live properly. Such insights become available when you forget your selfish ego and when you are willing to submit to the Truth. A sincere desire to know the truth leads to finding understanding. And a sincere desire to love others leads to finding patience. When we find patience and compassion for others, we will find the same patience and compassion for ourselves.

   Upset leads to thinking. When we are lost in emotions and lost in thinking, we become separated from intuition (conscience). We make errors and afterwards we don’t want to see our errors. By not wanting to see our error, we are also separated from intuition. It is with the power of intuition that we can actually see and realize deeply the truths of religion. In short, the simple meditation actually helps you to experience deeply in your soul the wonderful truths of religion.  

   We do not have an organization to belong to. We do not belong to any religious denomination. The radio program is an outreach to everyone who is sincerely seeking spiritual truth. Our organization is truly multicultural and seeks to help people of all denominations and all cultures to conquer stress.  When the sincere seeker is no longer ruled by upset, resentment or excitement, he or she is able to see the truth clearly.

   The upset, excited or resentful person has responded to some external stress. It is difficult to be a loving parent, a loving neighbor, or a loving spouse when you are excited, upset or resentful. The proper meditation helps you live correctly. Living with patience and compassionate insight, the sincere person can be a wise parent, good son, daughter, or loving spouse. Suddenly religious ethics become alive. When we intuitively realize ethics, we will live a life of patience and wisdom instead a life of excitement and anger.