About Meditation

The proper meditation, such as my Easy Meditation, is a little tool to help you find this objectivity.

When you are not adding new upset, you will meet the moment with some dignity, and you will be able to face the next situation with more calmness and poise. This composure grows with each moment well met.

Then you will also be able to also face the memories of past traumas and upset and observe them without becoming upset again. This is important.

In the past, you did not know how to face unhappy memories and emotions from the past without becoming upset all over again.

But now with objectivity, you will be able to observe past memories without adding new upset, and you will also be given understanding about what happened. This leads to a resolution of the memory and to being set free from it.

In the past, upset after upset, anger after anger led to a snowballing effect where you become immersed in and even overwhelmed by negativity.

Now the opposite will occur. With each success--meeting a moment where you remain calm instead of angry or impatient--you grow in character and courage, prepared to face bigger and bigger challenges.

The proper meditation, such as my Easy Meditation, is just a little tool to help you find objectivity so you can begin to face life with this new positive approach.

Many of us can be reasonable and calm when faced with situations at work. This is because you are more neutral and professional at work. Your attitude of friendly neutrality prepares you in advance to meet new work situations with calmness and reason. When a customer brings an issue, you don't take it personally; instead you do what is right and have a problem solving approach.

But look what happens at home. There you become angry and resentful toward your partner, impatient with your kids, and upset and irritated at your neighbor.

What you need is the same calm, friendly detachment at home that you have (or should have) at work.

The meditation exercise pre-arms you in advance with objectivity--a little bit of mental distance with a friendly problem solving orientation. Proper practice of the meditation exercise prevents the build up and accumulation of upset, permitting you to remain calm and to say or do the right thing.

Most people are so reactive that accumulating upset and irritation messes up their home life and then spreads to everything.

In public we hide our upset, but the suppressed emotion leads to physical symptoms--which also upset us! Wouldn't it be better to learn how not to get upset in the first place?

The meditation exercise is designed to help you get started on your road to poise, self control, and better relationships.

You can get started right away with the Free Meditation. It is easy to learn. You can learn it in 6 minutes. It can be found at http://easy-fast-meditation.blogspot.com

If you like the free meditation, you may then wish to graduate to the longer 4 part classic meditation, which includes a brochure and 2 ebooks to download. The classic meditation can be downloaded for a suggested donation of $10.00

However, the free meditation may be all you need. The important thing is to get started.

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