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Spiritual answers to stress and relationship issues with your host, Roland Trujillo.

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A Need to Answer
Why did God allow Jesus to be tempted? So that Christ could offer an example of suffering without hating.

Contemplation Is For Everyone
How can a Christian meditation help us to pray? True meditation involves observing thought, not blanking thought.

Don't Resent Yourself
A listener asks about staying with the path God wants him to live. We are a fallen race, but Christ had love nonetheless.

Don't Believe the Lie
Roland discusses the archetypal theme of happiness if you become a certain type of person. In your search for worldly fulfillment, you'll go thru unpleasantries and actually lose fulfillment. Yearn for God and His Truth, not for a worldly possession.

The Solar Eclipse
Was the recent eclipse a sign from God? God likes to declare what he's going to do ahead of time.

Simple Solutions
Are you serving what is selfish? Look to do God's will and help others. God has prepared wonderful things for those who love Him.

Forgive and Be Free
Ann Landers said, "Resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head." Roland discusses what resentment is, how to let go of it, and how to become free.

Find Rest For Your Soul
God promises us rest. You can find rest after you become right with conscience. Conscience makes you aware that you've erred, and it's important not to resent or resist it.

Get the Big Picture
Saints are often depicted with their eyes uplifted. To survive cruelty, you must go about in the world with a detached point of view.

Anxiety is Not Your Fault
A listener asks about anxiety, a problem that springs from not being able to cope. Anxiety can be normal, but not when it comes over a lot of things.

Stand Back and Watch
Roland discusses metaphysics and how the soul stands outside of time. God is the master of time and knows what is about to happen.

Finding Peace in Him
Understanding stress is the key to your recovery. It all begins in the soul.

Live By Intuition
A listener asks whether God knew the devil would tempt Adam and Eve. God had to create freedom as a first step to creating love, says Roland.

The Law of Liberty
How do you find love? First you need to understand what love is not. Love is not an emotion, but supports us as spiritual beings.

How to Withstand Pressure
Roland discusses how to deal with pressure. When you react to pressure, you could end up working too hard or trying to please other people too much.

The Danger of Resentment
Many people have a problem with forgiveness. Learn how to forgive and you will increase your well-being.

Stronger Than The World
Roland discusses how to become unblocked so you can love. Live each moment with grace, letting the little things awaken you.

Stand Back and Watch
Temptation exists in many forms: doubting God, becoming emotional, and being prideful. Join the winning side and experience true joy, says Roland.

Dwelling in the Shadow of the Almighty
Roland discusses inspiration and where it comes from. The human soul is incapable of originating thought--instead, they come from outside.

Understanding God's Power
With wordless intuition, you can observe thoughts flitting by. Temptation will knock, but you must close the door on it.

Saved From Negativity
You can't save yourself. Instead, sit quietly and let God do the work.

Christmas the Year Round
Christ came to bring Light into the world. To find joy, you must live and have your being in Him.

You Can't Tell By Appearance
The writers of the Gospel were inspired to speak the truth. When you tell the truth, others may act as if you did something wrong. Rest assured that God knows who is right.

Strong Before the Weak
Roland discusses stress solutions and how to find peace within. First you need to be in accord with your Creator's will.

Be An Observer
We should go about our life aware of the Creator, even when others upset or irritate us. Roland discusses what God wants us to do.

Spiritual Light
We were meant to be extensions of God. Roland discusses how we have adapted to a state separate from God.

The Danger of Resentment
A listener asks about Adam and the forbidden fruit. Adam went for a wrong idea, failing because he was ambitious, and now we are all subject to temptation.

Conquering Stress
With 76% of people reporting stress symptoms, Roland tells why you need to sit quietly. Roland's new technique makes it easier to pray.

Step Away From Worry
You're born into a world with failing people. Be careful not to let others' failings cause you to resent them. Roland discusses how to raise your problems to God.

Be Still With Your Soul
Hypnosis is the outer way. The average person is entranced, which leads them to do dumb things. The inner way is the spontaneous and joyous way.

The Dream State
When we're not hiding in imagination, we use things to help us escape from reality. Roland discusses what boredom is and how not to fall into daydreams.

Do Your Duty
Many people have a cushy office job and paid vacation, but feel unappreciated by their spouse or family. How can this happen? Do your duty, says Roland, and don't expect gratitude from others.

The Danger of Faithlessness
Roland discusses depression from a spiritual perspective. A lack of hope signifies falling to a lower state of mind.

All About Repentance
Repentance is not a sad affair, it's sweet. You can't make yourself right, but you can see your sins and let God do the work.

What Is Real Christianity?
More people than ever are concerned about their mental health. Roland reads from the Beatitudes and discusses finding a heavenly attitude.

God Cares About What's Right
It's hard to pray when you're nervous or resentful. Roland discusses anger and how resentment is the most insidious form of anger.

What Is Art?
Many recent movies are there to shock and are immature. You've been corrupted by the spirit of Paradise lost. Roland discusses the importance of understanding.

Step Away From Worry
A listener asks how to raise problems to God. We have a fallen nature and are prone to be resentful. You must be guided by principles.

Are You Eating to Escape?
Roland reads a quote from devotional writer Robert Laiton. A little sin can disturb the peace more than major suffering. If you are weak, you don't represent a contrast to the false world.

Don't Fall Spiritually Asleep
In a back to basics program, Roland explains how with anything we do, there is a danger of going through the motions. With Christianity, you must be awake and aware.

You Can Be Born Again
A listener asks about getting back on track. We are supposed to call upon God in a wordless way.

Filled With Response to the Creator
Roland discusses how what happens to you is not so important as how you react to it.

Be An Observer
Roland answers a listener question about Tartarus. The only salvation is from God after you let go of things of the past.

How to Gain Patience
If you could not be impatient, your life would be a lot better. Some people become frustrated by their impatience, especially when they grow up in a negative environment. Remain in the present and let God have control.

What is Faith?
A listener asks about believing into Jesus. Religion is good for your health, but there's a special kind of faith.

The Joy of Tribulation
Count it a blessing when you encounter difficult people, says Roland. When you have patience, you'll grow in character and meet with God's approval.

Ways to Reduce Stress
Stress is anything that causes you to react with emotions. We were not meant to be emotional, says Roland. Respond rightly with help from God.

A Mission to Discover
When Adam sinned, he lost an intimate relationship with the Father. God is the only one who could restore it.

Find Mental Distance
Always be willing to admit you made a mistake, says Roland. Take a step back from wrong ideas and find God's right way.

You Can't Tell By Appearance
A listener asks what is meant by blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Roland discusses his relationships book, which has chapters dedicated to specific issues.

Do A Reality Check
Roland discusses your state of mind. In order to have peace of mind, you need to enter a heavenly state, where you are not subject to thought.

Understand in God's Light
Stress is the effect of evil on the soul. Today, there's a concerted effort to undermine the family. Maintain your virtue, do what is right, and you'll reduce stress at the same time.

Stress Is An Opportunity
If you resent someone, that becomes distress. Other's failings are opportunities to practice forgiveness and grow in your Christian life.

Know the Rightness of Things
When you're scheming for the future, you fall away from God. Instead of being preoccupied, Roland says you should be there for your loved ones.

Check With Your Intuition
Roland discusses speaking up and living a stress-free existence. If you always did what is right, you would avoid stress. Others give you approval for not rocking the boat, but sometimes that means conflict with yourself.

The Truth Will Set You Free
Do you have doubts? Learn to dismiss them, because if you fall into doubt, it becomes fear and anxiety. Learn to watch them until they dissipate.

Be An Observer
Resentment is an insidious form of anger, says Roland. You need a problem-solving attitude with your family, the same way you do at work.

Get Ready To Pray
Most people are shackled by negative thoughts. The best is to prevent problems in the first place, says Roland. Second, there ought to be a way to face an issue with awareness.

Worry Is What Egos Do
Do you get immersed in thought? Finances, relationships, and planning can all take you away from reality. Roland delves into what worry is and how to remain true to yourself.

Be Still With Your Soul
A listener asks about the Pharisees' worship of God. For most people, their thoughts are stressing them out.

Do You Have Unfinished Business?
Why don't we have peace of mind? Roland answers this and other listener questions. You are probably lost in your thoughts, which blocks you from God.

God Cares About What's Right
In a delicate moment, do you say or do the right thing? If you're concerned with looking good or saving face, your response will have ego in it. The devil casts us into a thought process, but God's way involves intuition.

The Sincerity of Silence
There ought to be a difference between Christians and non-Christians. The answer lies in yearning for God and His right way. y7k-V38-ggC-55A Equifax

A Moment At A Time
You may be a replica of someone you worshipped, but there is also a force driving them that turns up in you. This force can be transferred via resentment. Roland talks about the delicate processes of yielding to and resisting others.

Don't Deny the Truth
Roland discusses reality and that which made reality. In many families, one who tells the truth is looked at like a terrible person.

Coping With Stress
A listener asks about temptation. Adam chose ambition and he lost Paradise. In the same way, you must avoid selfish ambition and instead follow your conscience.

Finding A Pure Intent
Is there something in you that yearns for the Truth? That is pure intent. Join Roland as he discusses how to have great character: being a "regular person" subject to God.

Christ Showed Us The Way
Roland discusses what love is and what it isn't. We are to have faith and love, and we fail when we try to make things happen without God.

Your Place In The Sun
Christ is the only man who never failed. His victory was on the cross. Roland discusses how the deepest things in life involve faith and doubt.

Seeing in God's Light
The first peace you must find is peace within. To find peace, you should go through the world always with an eye to what is right.

All About Power
Roland speaks about a burden on people. Whatever is in charge of deceptions, it cannot bear seeing the truth and immerses itself in feelings.

The Noble Knight
Many of your emotional and physical problems are related to wrong reaction to other people. When you talk with others, be spontaneous and avoid being judgmental.

How Love Is Expressed
Do you feel obligated to do things for others? Of course, we are required to do things for our family, but sometimes love is expressed by what you don't do.

A Christmas Message
A listener asks about overcoming self-consciousness. Roland discusses how we're born as fallen creatures and the impact of others on our self-perception.

The Danger of Emotion
Most mistakes occur as a result of emotion. Join Roland as he discusses what happens when you avoid getting angry and instead wait to see clearly.

Come Out Of the Trance State
You should be so aware that temptation loses its grip on you. Become the real you by getting in touch with the Creator.

Are You Caught Up?
When ideas come from someone else, they're no longer fresh and alive. Roland talks from the heart about getting upset too easily.

Judge Not Others
Stay in the grandstands of life and don't fall into vicissitudes, says Roland. Ever aware of our Creator, we should do what He wants us to do: not judge other people.

Follow Your Conscience
A listener asks about getting back on track. Roland tells how you need to refind your ground of being.

The Source of Love
A listener asks why there are hypocritical Christians. When you think you have love, but don't have it, you are a hypocrite, as love comes from God.

Who Speaks the Truth?
The Truth is often met with meanness or cruelty. Little children can awaken you to the inner Light. Treat them rightly and you've taken a crucial step toward regaining the spiritual life.

Jesus and the Pharisees
Jesus was hated because he spoke the Truth. Thoughts that come from outside can't be trusted. Be in touch with the Truth and you will see clearly.

Choice Over Compulsion
When Adam turned his back on God, he deteriorated. By checking with the Father, you can keep your freedom and joy.

Be Not Aggravated
Paul said, "I know how to abound and how to do without." The world is full of seduction. Avoid making worldly things more important than following your conscience.

Respond With Fresh Eyes
Most people are in some sort of a trance. Instead of being beholden to the past, you should move according to intuition.

The Flow of Magic
Christ did many magical things, and only some are included in the Bible. Refind God's grace and you will have the power to do wonderful things.

Above All Temptation
Roland answers a question about whether hell has gates. He also discusses how wrong people get power when you react to them.

Experience God's Forgiveness
Life was meant to be lived at a higher plane than most of us live now. If you want to live closer to God, you must give up resentment.

Discovering the Good Life
You were not meant to be stressed out. Christ came to save us from worry and negativity, and sin causes stress.

Be Still With Your Soul
When you become upset, it affects your breathing and creates microchanges. Roland discusses the steady state of emotion and what can replace it.

Finding Emotional Freedom
Do you feel pressured to do something? An emotional state can morph into a hypnotic state. Roland teaches how to find the real you, free of negative influences.

Stop Resenting Others
Resentment is a big deal and can lead to ruined relationships. When you resent, you forfeit the spiritual life and have to compensate.

It's Never Too Late
Roland answers questions about Pontias Pilate and going to heaven. The road to recovery begins with being sorry and becoming aware of conscience.

Emotion and Others' Will
The soul testifies through its actions. 99% of people are doing others' will and that happens because of emotion. Roland talks about emotion and why it is a problem.

Resentment Ruins Relationships
Roland discusses why people are such a stress. We are surrounded by imperfect people. When you resent others' imperfections, they become a stress to you.

The Danger of Impatience
Worry, fear, and anger can cause disease. Roland discusses how when you hate, what is in others gets into you. You must withstand cruelty by taking a mental step back.

Conquering Stress
Christ gave us all the clues we need to conquer stress. You were not meant to fall, and to avoid stress you must not yield to temptation.

Believe In The Son
St. Augustine said, "Our hearts are restless until they find rest in you." Roland discusses how to be in touch with what you know is right in your heart.

Love One Another
If you want to find your purpose in life, you have to find God's love. Roland discusses how you should want to do the right thing and inquire of God.

Have You Been Degraded?
There are different rules for human beings than there are for animals. Roland discusses how you become degraded by hating, judging, or manipulating others.

Sown in the Heart
The disciples of Christ were inspired to write about what they saw. People who see wrong are tempted to judge and condemn, but to be a true follower of Christ you must not judge.

Understanding God's Power
A listener asks a question about faith and the laws of physics. Your conscience is your closest link to God.

The Importance of Faith
Roland discusses how Truth is sustained through faith. If you go through repentance, anxiety will lose its hold on you and life will be one adventure after another.

Living Backwards
For many people, life is reacting emotionally to things that happen on the outside. Roland says there's another way of living that involves flowing from within.

Leave Your Problems to God
A listener asks how to avoid worry. There will always be issues in your life. You need to handle issues with understanding, which comes from God.

Believe Into Jesus
Roland answers a listener's question about believing into Jesus. Don't judge other people, and don't resent seeing your own resentment.

The Stress of Reacting
To survive cruelty and meanness, you need to go into the world with a detached point of view. Roland tells how to be calm by practicing the Meditation.

Principles of Stress
Humans are subject to unnatural stresses. Roland tells how you were subject to impatient people, and how your reaction had a bad effect upon you.

Why Truth Is Rejected
The most innocent people can still come under attack. Roland tells how words of truth can wake you up, but you'll need to stay awake.

Why Are People Mean To Each Other?
Children are surrounded by meanness, with bullying and teasing in the schools and pressure at home. Roland discusses different types of meanness and how separation from God causes us to be thoughtless.

Finding God's Will
Roland answers a listener's question about staying with the plan God wants him to live. We must not struggle with our failings. The Best of Roland--originally aired December 18, 2016.

A Simple Key

Christ chose simple men to carry forth the Gospel. Roland discusses how the Holy Spirit provides inspiration.

Finding Rest In You
You must find your ground of being. We try to find relaxation by taking pills or smoking. Roland tells the true reason we are anxious and restless.

Stimulus and Response
"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose that response," said Viktor Frankl. Roland discusses resentment and how it prevents us from responding rightly to others.

The Slave State
When your relatives are wierd, you can fall into a hypnotic state, also called a slave state. Slavery occurs when you make something too important, says Roland.

Created in God's Image
Humans were meant to be like Christ, but instead each of us goes though a fall. Roland answers a listener's question about staying with the plan God has for him to live.

Coping in Christ's Way
The more upset you are, the less you're able to cope. Roland discusses how your upsets are conditioned reflexes and what you can do about them.

In Contact With the Light
Christ said, "I am the light of the world." If you close your eyes, you may see little patterns of light. Those patterns of light are from God, says Roland.

Finding the Joy
Roland discusses how to live life fully. Be not rigid and fearful, but like a bird, which lives spontaneously and freely.

What is the Number One Cause of Divorce?
Roland discusses his new book, Roland on Relationships. When people get married, they expect to be happy, but something goes wrong. A key to a thriving relationship is letting go of resentment.

How To Be Smarter Than Einstein
Having a question for a long time is okay. Roland tells about his experience writing a book about physics and Einstein.

A Spirit of Wonder
Roland takes a call and discusses the power of intuition. When we respond to wordless knowing on the inside, there's no emotion.

Be Responsible For Yourself
Work involves policies and procedures to do the work safely. When it comes to humans, rules apply as well. Roland tells how you may not be playing by the right rules.

How Egos Survive
Roland discusses how you need to experience God. Instead of reliving the past and worrying about the future, let God guide you in His right way.

The Magic of Truth and Doing
From your intuition comes insight and wisdom. If you truly want to know the Truth, God will see to it that you discover it.

Infused Prayer
Roland announces that his new book, Contemporary Contemplation with Reflections on Miguel de Molinos, is now available.

Understanding Repentance
There is no salvation without repentance. Roland tells how repentance begins in a small way and why you should avoid false versions of it.

Caring For The Soul
You are your consciousness in a body. Roland discusses how your issues include focusing too much on the external and allowing outside forces to be distractions.

How Evil Gets Inside
Roland answers a question about healing on the Sabbath. Jesus' words had life, and those who heard him were brought to joy.

The Anvil of Experience
If you feel oppressed, that has to do with your lack of courage. Roland tells how we are born close to virtues, and how we find them from God.

Stop Hating Others
Unseen forces control others, and if you aren't careful, you'll be influenced by hate. Roland tells how rest and calmness are necessary to a proper life.

Clearing the Air
Families can lay troubles upon you, with others messing with your mind. Roland discusses how sometimes you may need to clear the air after doing wrong to another.

Inner Testimony
How do you know that what the Bible says is true? There's an internal testimony. Einstein knew that gravity would bend light, and no one could persuade him otherwise. You should be that way in knowing the Truth. The Best of Roland--originally aired May 2, 2021.

Created in God's Image
A listener asks about staying with the plan God wants him to live. Roland gives three important steps to living a life approved by God. The Best of Roland--originally aired April 18, 2021.

Being Called to God
Roland discusses his new edition of The Spiritual Guide by Miguel Molinos. You must get beyond reading Scripture and actually experience God.

Reaction And You
Your problem is you are reacting to everything around you. You recovered from stress very quickly when you were a child, but now you need patience and calm centeredness.

Avoid Falling Into Oppression
Have you fallen away from the Creator and into compulsions, worries, and fears? Roland tells how you don't have to be a Noah or Elijah to walk with God.

Serenity Through Prayer
Roland tells how to sense the presence of God by not being lost in thought. You must learn to be in the world but not of the world.

Floating Through Life
We need to follow through all the way to the end with what is right. Roland tells how when you do so, you will bear good fruit, in spite of the cares of the world. The Best of Roland--originally aired May 16, 2021.

Spiritual Stress
We live in a time of stress, and our challenge is dealing with it properly. Roland discusses how to survive spiritual wickedness.

The Basis of Stress
Many of us have trouble with resenting others. Resentment is the mechanism of separation from God's Light. Roland discusses how God's Light tells you when you're wrong.

The Truth Shall Set You Free
We live in stressful times. When you're in the presence of someone that hates you, calm centeredness is essential to overcome the pressure.

The Dark Side
All around, people try to violate your freedom by forcing or seducing you. Roland tells how to survive negative forces.

Spiritual Light
If you see a pattern of light when you close your eyes, you may be seeing spiritual light. Join Roland as he discusses the importance of intuition.

Dwelling in the Shadow of the Almighty
Be careful not to be absorbed by intense distractions. With the Lord, you can maintain awareness and keep your center of dignity.

Response to Seduction
The forbidden food changed Adam. The shock of realizing he disobeyed God came with the fall. Roland discusses how you should respond to seduction.

Joy and Spontaneity
Happiness comes in the oddest moments, often at unexpected times. Roland discusses how God will help you find joy when you come into His Light.

Conquering Stress
The greatest stress expert was Jesus. He overcame stresses by not hating, and you can too.

The Eureka Moment
How did you become apart from God? Roland discusses how you became part of a sensuous life and how to recover from it.

Emotion Is Stress
Stress compromises your immune system and keeps you from remaining centered. Roland discusses how not to be externally motivated, but respond to the Creator.

Your Lost Identity
You are born in God's image, but that image fades away when you want to be God. Others are good at catering to this ambitious nature, but you must become as a child.

Be An Observer
We were meant to go through life with a carefree spirit. Learn how to regain your childlike innocence and you will be closer to God.

Finding Rest in God
How do you find rest in God? Jesus said, "My burden is light." Finding peace for your soul involves getting in touch with intuition.

Worries, Doubts, and Fears
When a little child, you faced every day as an adventure. Now you are probably wrapped up in planning and worries. Roland tells how to regain joy by moving according to what you know is right.

The Spontaneous Life
Goals can lead to demise. We inherit a fallen nature from Adam, subject to lies and ambition. Christ makes possible living in the moment according to what you know is right.

Knowing As A Child
God gives us inner knowing. He created freedom and choice, making it possible for us to stray. Roland tells how if we err we can return to what is right.

Floating Through Life
We need to follow through all the way to the end with what is right. Roland tells how when you do so, you will bear good fruit, in spite of the cares of the world. The Best of Roland--originally aired May 16, 2021.

Floating Through Life
We need to follow through all the way to the end with what is right. Roland tells how when you do so, you will bear good fruit, in spite of the cares of the world.

Resentment Locks You In
You shouldn't be locked into things you hate. Roland tells how resentment blocks the true you. Be in a meditative state and you'll survive the temptations of others.

Inner Testimony
How do you know that what the Bible says is true? There's an internal testimony. Einstein knew that gravity would bend light, and no one could persuade him otherwise. You should be that way in knowing the Truth.

April 25, 2021
Resentment Affects You
If you resent someone, it affects your entire being. Avoid looking at someone with the judgments of yesterday. God's right way involves looking forward the future with a fresh perspective.

April 18, 2021
Created in God's Image
A listener asks about staying with the plan God wants him to live. Roland gives three important steps to living a life approved by God.

April 11, 2021
Resent Not the Remark
We absorb the image of other people. This can happen when you hate your parents or when you worship entertainment and sports stars. Roland tells how to remain true to yourself.

April 4, 2021
The Prideful Nature
We inherit our fallen nature. If you see yourself doing something wrong, instead of making an excuse or trying to justify it, just see it and see that it's wrong. In this way you come closer to God's Light.

March 28, 2021
A Life Without Resentment
Have you been around someone who waits until you make a mistake and then attacks you? How do you overcome subtle teases and false accusations? Roland tells how to remain safe through not reacting.

March 21, 2021
Avoiding Depression
When you're in a state of sin, you are subject to everything but God. Instead of being a slave to people and ideas, become connected to your source.

March 14, 2021
The Teachings of Christ
The Bible gives us clues to the teachings of Christ and is there to awaken you. How do you know what's in the Bible is true? There's an internal testimony.

March 7, 2021
The Dangers of Goal-Setting
Goals are everywhere lauded, but they can also lead to demise. We inherit a fallen nature from Adam, subject to lies and ambition. Christ makes possible living according to what you know is right.

February 28, 2021
More Faith, Less Upset
We all have a little bit of pride, a reluctance to admit that we're wrong. If deep down in your heart you love God, he'll find a way to overcome pride.

February 21, 2021
Remain Centered
Roland discusses the value of keeping pressure on the outside. Many people in prison wanted to be their own person, but didn't know how while facing difficult situations. Instead of rebelling, do what you know is right in your heart.

February 14, 2021
Inner Testimony
Roland reads from Experiencing God Through Prayer by Madame Jeanne Guyon. Where does your motivation come from? You can be rightly guided by turning your heart towards God, not towards the world.

February 7, 2021
Question the Fallen Life
A caller asks about living the life God wants him to live. The human race, beginning with Adam, is a fallen race. Roland tells how you can be remade in the likeness of God.

January 31, 2021
How Evil Gets Inside
A caller asks about healing on the Sabbath. Some people love the Truth and some do not, and you may marvel at the evil you encounter in others. Your number one line of defense is: don't hate them.

January 24, 2021
Creating Freedom
Can Paradise be restored? It can, if you return to the Creator. Freedom, choice, and love can be yours when you refind inner knowing.

January 17, 2021
Dealing With Injustice
A caller asks about how to handle anger. Anger is caused by injustice, which can take subtle forms such as rushing, confusion, or meanness. Learn with Roland how to deal with these calmly.

January 10, 2021
A Simple Key
Christ picked simple men, not studied, to carry forth the Gospel. Roland tells how you can be simple and carefree as the Holy Spirit guides you.

January 3, 2021
Bonded to Faith
Roland reads from his soon-to-be-released book, It's Sunny and Warm in the Kingdom of God. When you were a little child, you had a strong sense of conscience. You must refind this link to your Creator.

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